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The creative brief is an important part of the website development process as it helps us understand your company and what you want to achieve online.

Please fill it out carefully, ensuring the information that you provide is accurate and as detailed as possible for our designers. If you are not sure or need us to explain further, please fill what you can out and we will get in touch.

*If you have been requested by one of the team to fill certain parts in you can please mention that at the end.

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

Tired of suffering neck-spasms from twisting and tilting to read websites on your mobile devices? Switching from a PC, to a cellphone, to a tablet, shouldn’t be a workout. Rather use those muscles for something constructive – like bird watching.

Success Stories

If you’re not looking for a Grammy-winning website, than best you move on. Tinsel Town is competitive as hell and if you’re not sitting pretty on top, than that means someone else is. We want trophies. We want medals. We want more than just a standing ovation. Get your cabinet ready – let’s reel in some bling.
Connect from all angles
Ever played the game ‘broken telephone’? Then you’ll know that breaks in the chain can lead to disastrous endings. Create a streamlined flow between your favourite social media platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc) and your website – making sure all your channels speak to each other. We’re hung up on consistency, clarity and connection.

Paul David

Head Creative , Through The Line Design

Palladium is involved in multiple industries which include; hotel and accommodation, retail, airline, events, insurance, Machine Learning, A.i (Merlynn).

Many businesses engage projects with an astounding lack of awareness. Palladium is cultivating a culture that innovates how we deliver today’s solutions. Technology with an ability to merge power with simplicity. Innovative designs always develop in tandem with innovative technology, and can never be an end in itself..

We stay relevant in all areas where our technology would be applicable. The reason is, Technology has remained inaccessible due to its complexity for so many organizations. Therefore a compelling feature would not be in our technical power but it’s our ability to take the technology to the actual users of the business process. The real power is the ability to merge power with simplicity.

Jonathan Carl Wocke

Productive Daydreamer, Palladium

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Whether you are just starting up, or already have a website, Padroni Web-Hosting has the perfect hosting package for you.

When it comes to customer care, our commitment to fast, efficient service means you can expect only the best.

So give us try, we are ready to welcome you to the Padroni family.

Conrad Pretorius

The Godfather, Padroni Hosting

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